Solar Electricity

This is basically the sun energy being converted into usable electricity. The components of this system include solar modules to convert the sun energy into electrical current), batteries (to receive and store electrical current), a charge regulator (to regulate the solar current into the batteries) and loads (anything that runs on electricity)

Sunshine Solar System Ghana Ltd mainly concentrates on installing three different sizes of photovoltaic solar power units.

  • The first is relatively small, 500watts. The daily output of this system 5.75kwh, which can support the use of 10 light bulbs, radio, a fan, colour TV and VCR or DVD, and satellite decoder
  • The second system is 1,000watts and produces 10.51kwh a day. This system can support the same that the 500watts system does in addition to laptops and a refrigerator (2.9 cubic feet).
  • The third, 1500watts produces 20.26kwh daily. This system can support all of the above as well as computer and printer.There is also the

possibility of large installations for cluster of houses.

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